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"TV's Top Everymen" by Bill Keveney 
February 06
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Sean Murray: Brainy guy who lacks social skills on 'NCIS'


Where you've seen him: The Random Years; JAG; as a teen, in films like “Hocus Pocus” and “This Boy's Life”.

During training for his role as an NCIS special agent, Murray, 28, visited a federal law enforcement training center in Georgia, taking driving courses and practicing on the shooting range. It was during a class on GPS surveillance, though, where he met a smart, young classmate and realized: "That's McGee."

McGee, as in Timothy, the wet-behind-the-ears newcomer who represents a new breed of federal law enforcer, more comfortable in the classroom than on the street.


"There's a new school of guys who are savvy, very good with data, but they're missing that old-school, street-smart cop thing," says Murray, a first-season guest star who joined the cast — and the NCIS team — full time when it started its second season in 2004. "They're not so good with social interactions, but really good at what they do."

McGee is, in effect, the little brother, a new-school counterpoint to team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), a street-smart military veteran. It also puts him at the bottom of a hazing totem pole that goes from Gibbs to Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) to McGee.


DiNozzo takes particular delight in mocking and setting up the new guy he calls "Probie," slang for the probationary status McGee has long since passed. "It's like down the line. We have a whole hazing theme on our show," Murray says.

Murray, who got married in November, is more vague about his character's odd-couple relationship with Goth lab genius Abby (Pauley Perrette). It started as a gag at the end of Murray's first guest appearance and was much more obvious before he became a regular. Now, "we like it to be ambiguous," he says. Besides, the two brainy characters "are having love affairs with our own computers."

If there's one thing Murray has in common with McGee, it's a knowledge and love of computers. "I build computers," says the actor, who provides some unofficial, on-set consulting on technical scenes, matching the jargon with the computer operations being shown.





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