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Episode "The Pound and the Fury" (vo) 

Season 1, episode 3

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"Civil Wars" is an American drama series on ABC at Wednesday (10 p.m. - 60 minutes) with 36 episodes, 2 seasons between 1991 and 1992/1993 (premiered: November 20, 1991, last aired: March 2, 1993).

"Civil Wars" centered around the divorce attorneys Sidney Guilford and Charlie Howell and the cases they took on.

The Directors were Brad Silberling in 1991 (unknown number episodes), Mark Tinker (9 episodes) and Ozz Scott (unknown number episodes) in 1992/1993.

Famous producers participated in this series on several episodes, as Steven Bochco (executive producer, unknown number episodes), Mark Tinker (co-executive producer, 35 episodes - 1991/1993), Charles H. Eglee (co-executive producer, unknown number episodes), Gigi Coello-Bannon (associate producer, unknown number episodes), Steven DePaul (co-producer, unknown number episodes), William M. Finkelstein (executive producer, unknown number episodes).

The original music: Mark Markowitz (18 episodes).  

The scriptwriters George Malko (1 episode - on 1992), Charles H. Eglee (unknown number episodes), William M. Finkelstein (unknown number episodes), Anne Kenney (unknown number episodes) and Ted Mann (unknown number episodes) worked on this series.

This show was a fine effort from Steven Bochco. Everything about the show was first rate: music, photography, sets, writing, guest-stars, and the series leads. The single best thing about the show was the character of Eli Levinson (played by Alan Rosenberg).The character was beautifully written and played. The other leads, Peter Onorati and Mariel Hemingway, were also superb.

Sean appears in the episode 3, season 1 titled "The Pound and the Fury", broadcasted on December 4th, 1991. He's Chris Conway. 
The writers of this episode are William M. Finkelstein and Steven Bochco. The Director is Gregory Hoblit.


Sidney Guilford and Charlie Howell have to deal with a case where the couple is fighting over who gets the dog.



Sean Murray as Chris Conway

Mariel Hemingway as Sydney Guilford 

Peter Onorati as Charlie Howell
Debi Mazar as Denise Iannello 
David Marciano as Jeffrey Lassick

Alan Rosenberg as Eli Levinson



Regrettably, I haven't Sean's photos extracted from this episode.



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