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Here is the solution of the third game. All the dialogues are complete. 


Quote 1:
Ducky: Now that you mention it, I had an uncle who drowned in a vat of alcohol.
Mcgee: I'm so sorry.
Ducky: Of course he reportedly climbed out three times to go to the bathroom.

Quote 2:
Gibbs: Roommates are never a good idea.
McGee: You had one, boss?
Gibbs: I had three. They're called wives.

Quote 3:
Tony: "Me and McGee watched the sunrise together... It was very Brokeback Mountain."
McGee: "He had me at howdy."

Quote 4:
Gibbs: McGee, less talk more of the computer chip doo-da.
McGee: Making with the doo-da boss!
Fornell: Doo-da?
Gibbs: Yeah, it's a technical term Tobias... you wouldn't understand.

Quote 5:
McGee(talking to DiNoozo on earwig):"Oh you'll slap me?"
Prostitiute(standing next to McGee on st.):"If that's what you want honey"
DiNoozo:"Go for it McFreaky, Goldilocks is just your type."

Quote 6:
McGee: Now all we have to do is scan 800,000 miles of satellite imagery and pray we get lucky.
Abby: I am a scientist, McGee. Luck has nothing to do with it and/or us.
McGee: Okay, then how do you explain something like Gibbs's gut?
Abby: Well, that's easy: Gibbs is lucky.
McGee: But... but you just said that...
Abby: He's not a scientist.

Quote 7:
Tony: Probie!
McGee: On it Boss... Tony.
Tony: Ha.
Ziva: What?

Quote 8:
Tony: What's my motto, McGee?
McGee: You'll never date a woman who eats more than you do?

Quote 9:
Tony: You were hysterical like a little girl.
McGee: I was not.
Tony: You were hugging the ladder. Ladder hugger.

Quote 10:
Tony: Steady probie.
McGee: Tell that to my stomach.
(Tony bends down to height of McGee's stomach)

Quote 11:
Tony: I recognize that look. You had sex and I think it was with a woman.
McGee: No

Quote 12:
Gibbs: '...Dinozzo, you're on McGee's sister'
Dinozzo: 'Ah! With great pleasure boss!'
McGee: 'Boss um, maybe Tony'd be better on the taxi...'

Quote 13:
McGee: Just push the buttons I tell you to push, monkey.
Tony: Love is not treating you well.

Quote 14:
McGee: Abby, what is that noise, turn it down.
Abby: (bitter) Brain Matter.
McGee: Oh... I love them.

Quote 15:
Abby: Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs! I did it!
McGee: What? You mean we!
Abby: There’s no “we” in McGee.

Quote 16:
Abby: You know what my biggest pet peeve is?
McGee: People who say they're vegetarians but eat chicken?

Quote 17:
Abby: "Wake him up!"
McGee: "I don't know. Maybe he needs the rest."
Abby: "He's not resting! Those eyeballs are disco dancing under those lids."
McGee: "Disco dancing? Is that back?"
Abby: "It's Gibbs. It never left."
Gibbs: "McGee should have."

Quote 18:
Kate: "McGee, can't you tell when somebody's kidding with you?"
McGee: "I used to and then I met you guys."

Quote 19:
Tony: "You listen to Yanni. And you have an unauthorized game on your computer."
McGee: "Okay, it's your game, Tony."
Tony: "You shouldn't have beaten my high score."

Quote 20:
Tony: "I don't kiss and tell, Kate."
McGee: "Since when? I know more about your sex life than I do my own, Tony."
Tony: "Well, that's not hard to believe, Probie, considering you don't have one."





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