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Season 4 (2006-2007)


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Timothy "Probie" McGee is a Junior Agent working on Special Agent Gibbs' team. His first appearence is in the episode Sub Rosa (1x07).

McGee is an author of the Deep Six series. He is normally the target of DiNozzo's jokes. He knows a lot about computers, he often works with Abby.


His relationship with DiNozzo has jokes going both ways, but with McGee "receiving" most of them. He has a strong friendship with Abby. His relationship with Ziva is also a friendly one, but not as strong as with Abby. With Gibbs, his relationship isn't as strong. Whenever he starts talking about computers, Gibbs normally interrupts, as he does with Abby.

McGee is a sweet-natured and overachieving young agent who makes his colleagues  feel nervous about his job.  He is a conservative dresser, apparently nervous around women, and is really good with computers.  He is a federal agent by design, but also enjoys writing mystery and crime novels.

His apartment is small and open plan with a bay window, wooden floors, and exposed brickwork.  The contents reflect his interests in fiction writing.  He also has a vinyl record collection, computers and on-line gaming.  He has a picture of his grandmother on his cup.  His apartment is situated 5 miles from a college his sister Sarah attends and boards.  He has no sofa and his TV hangs on the wall in front of his bed.  As Tony said: "George Clooney could not get laid in this apartment".  He lives in Silver Spring and his apartment number is 3.  His shower curtains have monkeys printed on them.

McGee's apartment

McGee is allergic to cats, Poison Ivy, and gets seasick even in port, and he has an as yet unexplained dislike of maggots.

McGee is a computer specialist.

By season 4, McGee has acquired more money and spent it on a number of things including a Porsche, a new watch, a phone with video capability, and large plasma screen.

McGee has written a bestselling book called "Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L.J. Tibbs" under the pen name "Thom E. Gemcity," which is an anagram for his name.  It features fictional versions of Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Abby, Jimmy Palmer and himself as "L. J.Tibbs," "Tommy," "Lisa," "Amy Sutton," "Pimmy Jalmer," and "McGregor" respectively.  He is trying to complete its sequel "Deep Six: Rock Hollow" (episode "Cover Story" - 4x20).

From the episode "Doppleganger", we learn McGee worked after school as a burnt-potato-chip picker and during the summer between his Freshman and Sophomore years he was a Porta Potti cleaner during the hottest summer on record. He has also cleaned asbestos. There is also a hint he had another job when he starts a sentence 'Before I joined NCIS...' but the sentence was never finished. In "Pop Life", he states that he used to work in a bank.

He was also a boy scout - technically a WEBLOS.

When we first meet McGee in season 1, he is stationed with the NCIS office at the Naval Station Norfolk. He has a cramped office and a filing system that involves piling each item on top of the next. Tony makes McGee call him 'Sir'. This is the only episode McGee is seen to use his gun in his right hand, although in the opening credits of seasons 3 and 4, the film has been reversed so that McGee is firing right-handed. During this time McGee had a carspace at Norfolk next to Cassie Yates. Numerous times during the first season he found himself again "recruited" by either Gibbs or, occasionally, DiNozzo to put his computer skills towards a case. He gets his first Gibbs' slap from Tony in the episode UnSEALed (1x18).

McGee permanently transferred to NCIS in Washington to work under Gibbs in season 2. By the beginning of season 4, he had become much more confident in his abilities as an NCIS investigator.

The episode "Kill Ari Part 1" (3x01) reveals that McGee was the first intended sniper target of Ari Haswari at the close of season 2. McGee's life was saved when he suddenly dove for cover behind his vehicle to avoid fire from another terrorist unrelated to Haswari. Haswari subsequently chose another target and shot Caitlin Todd dead instead.

The third season episode "Probie" (3x10) reveals that prior to McGee becoming involved in a shooting in which an undercover police officer dies, he had never shot anyone to death before. The episode leaves it ambiguous as to whether McGee actually fired the fatal shot, although in one later episode, McGee refers to himself as having shot the cop.

During his time helping NCIS in season 1 he began a relationship with Abby. He led the team to believe he got a tattoo to impress her, slept with her in her coffin, and wrote poetry for her. He admits to doing "hinky" things with Abby and having plunged into the seedier side of the internet with her. Their relationship cooled when Abby refused to categorise the 'state' of their relationship. McGee and Abby remain close friends sharing many hugs and the occasional chaste kiss, almost always initiated by Abby.

McGee lives in awe of Gibbs, though with less fear than the rest of the key trio.

McGee regularly suffers at the hands and smart alec comments of DiNozzo, due to his being the newest agent on the team, and chafes at Tony constantly referring to him as "Probie". However,the normally phlegmatic McGee has learned to give as good as he gets, and while delivering payback to Tony may be rare, it's often stylish.

McGee gelled well with both Tony and Kate in a sibling way as part of the team and was really the first one who got along with Ziva when she joined the team after Kate's death. Despite his sibling relationship with Kate, his images of her after her death in Kill Ari 1 may reveal some hidden fantasies. She appears first as Trinity from The Matrix in a PVC bodysuit, leading Tim to quip "Oh my god, I'm turning into DiNozzo". At this, the vision shifts up a gear, presenting Tim with an S&M Mistress Kate - complete with severe leather corset and whip.

In Season 4 it is revealed that McGee has a sister named Sarah McGee "Twisted Sister" (4x09), played by Sean Murray's real life step-sister, Troian Avery Bellisario, executive producer Donald Bellisario's daughter. She first appeared in Season 2's "Red Cell" (2x20) and again as a picture on McGee's ipod in Season 3.



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