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Hocus Pocus, JAG, NCIS







In this film, Sean plays the role of a teenager of the age of the hero Toby played by Leonardo Di Caprio. Very often, his name is not mentioned in the casting (even said "complete") about index cards relative to this film.

That of emotion in this film fired by a true story and what a beautiful surprise! The trio of actors main things, Robert de Niro, Caroline Wolff and Leonardo Di Caprio, is there formidable. We follow the progress of a lost teenager, who plays the false hard to hide a sensitive heart, and from a step-father, nice at the beginning but who, in the course of the film, is going to show himself egocentric person, jealous person of his stepson and violent. A pure underestimated enough leader of work.




After escaping an abusive father, Tobias Wolff and his mother settled down in Seattle where they soon met a charmingly friendly mechanic. Whilst Tobias wastd his time in the streets like a delinquant of the area, his mother was falling for this ideal man. It was only after their wedding, that it became clear that the mechanic was also an abusive drunk.


Sean in "This Boy's Life"
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 Full cast and crew





 Michael Caton-Jones



 Robert de Niro

 Dwight Hansen

 Ellen Barkin

 Caroline Wolff

 Leonardo Di Caprio

 Toby Wolff

 Jonah Blechman

 Arthur Gayle

 Eliza Dushku

 Pearl Hansen

 Chris Cooper

 Roy Hansen

 Carla Gugino

 Norma Hansen

 Tobey Maguire

 Chuck Bolger

 Kathy Kinney


 Gerrit Graham

 M. Howard

 Robert Zameroski

 Le cuisinier

 Zachary Ansley


 Tracey Ellis


Sean Murray

 Jimmy Woorhees

 Tristan Tait

 Jerry Huff

 Travis MacDonald





 Art Linson


 Fitch Cady

 Executive producer

 Peter Guber


 Jon Peters




 Warner Bros., USA


 Knicherbocker Films, USA



 Script writer

 Robert Getchell


 Tobias Wolff



 Director of photography

 David Watkin


 Carter Burwell


 Jim Clark

 Art decorator

 Sandy Cochrane

 Set decorator

 Jim Erickson


 Richard Hornung

 Make up

 Llona Herman


David Forrest




 Warner Bros


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