Site dédié à l'acteur américain Sean Murray

Hocus Pocus, JAG, NCIS

Site dedicated to the American actor Sean Murray

Hocus Pocus, JAG, NCIS

Creation: July 7, 2008
 Last uptdate: September 10, 2012

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 Sean Murray at 27th Annual Paley Fest (L.A.), March 1, 2010
27th Annual Paley Fest, Los Angeles (CA), March 1, 2010


Hello !


 Welcome on my site, dedicated to the American actor Sean Murray, the star, among others, of "Hocus Pocus" (Walt Disney, 1993), "JAG" (Belisarius Productions) and "NCIS" (Belisarius Productions).


I discovered Sean in 1993 in the Walt Disney film "Hocus Pocus" and since, I am a HUGE fan.


I always hear Thackery Binx's (Sean Murray) words "Sorry Emily, I had to wait 1000 years for a virgin to light a candle!"


Since, I follow Sean in his career.


Through this site, I hope to allow you to know him better and to discover the excellent actor he is, still too little known in France. 


 You go to discover his various roles, the synopsis of films and episodes where he played, his current series "NCIS" and his character 
"Timothy McGee".

      The series NCIS     McGee's character    McGee's book  


Summaries of episodes 

                                   pilot, seasons 1 & 2         seasons 3 & 4               seasons 5 & 6

                                                            seasons 7 & 8            seasons 9 & 10



Sean's photographs

                                             page 1     page 2      page 3     page 4         page 5        page 6       page 7
                                                           Sean Murray at 27th Annual Paley Fest (L.A.), March 1, 2010    Sean Murray, 2009, photoshot by Jeff Katz (L.A.)


Promotionals photographs (NCIS)

Photographs from the series

                                           season 1 p. 1       season 1 p. 2      season 1 p . 3


 season 2               season 3            season 4            season 5

                                           season 6 p. 1           season 6 p. 2        season 6 p. 3

                                                   season 7 p. 1    season 7 p. 2   season 7 p. 3    season 7 p. 4
                                                         Sean Murray in NCIS, episode Child`s Play (s7, ep9)   Sean Murray in NCIS, episode Jack Knife (s7, ep15)  

 season 8 p. 1
Sean Murray in NCIS, episode Spider and the fly (8x01)

season 9 p. 1
Sean in `The nature of the beast` s9, ep1



Photographs of the NCIS set

                                            page 1                         page 2                         page 3


                                              shooting p. 1           shooting p. 2, episode "Toxic" season 6    



 You will find only official videos and photographs or photographs where Sean has agreed to pose
(and my fan'videos). 
My first rule is the 

 No photos of his daughter and his son. 


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